Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Hey there! We're Amy and Lucy, and we're teen bloggers based in the UK. 

This is just an introduction post so you can get to know us a little bit.
For the record, we wrote each others descriptions as we thought it'd be a bit more honest.

This is Amy:

Amy has oily skin and likes reading. She spends her spare time staring at Cody Rhodes and listening to Matchbook Romance. Amy likes to sing, and loves the colour orange. She loves autumn because purple lipsticks are her favourite, and she studies History, English, and Philosophy. She hasn't seen her natural hair colour in four years. Amy also enjoys annoying Lucy. She is the bane of Lucy's existence.

This is Lucy:

Lucy has dry ass skin and is terrible with skincare. Her face is so soft, though. She stalks Seth Rollins on every available social network as she is obsessed. Lucy likes Revlon lip products and eye liner. Lucy studies stuff that involves numbers and essays. Don't mess with her or she'll give you 'the look'.

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