Friday, 27 September 2013

MUA/Fashionista Custom Palettes Assembly and Review

Hey there! Today I'll be taking a look at Make Up Academy and Fashionista's custom palettes, and talking you through how the assembly is as well as the shadow quality.
The colours come in single compacts so you can keep them as monos as well as popping them out and assembling them into a palette. I found the compacts really easy to disassemble and get out of the compacts themselves.
I LOVE how the pans in the palette have no bottom as the shadows have the shades printed on the bottom, it's so so easy to just flip your palette over and take a look at what the name of the shade is.
Assembled! I ordered two four-pan palettes, creating an Autumn colours palette as well as a neutral one. I think the palettes themselves look lovely once assembled, and simply couldn't resist getting a second after I started looking at the colours!
Autumn palette
Neutrals palette
Arm swatches! Autumn palette
And the neutrals palette
Admittedly I wasn't too impressed with the quality of the shadows themselves but they're very good for the price, and I simply adore being able to make custom palettes without having to splurge on MAC or another high end brand. I would seriously recommend checking out the Fashionista range and taking a look at these custom palettes. 
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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks Review

Hey there! Today I'll be reviewing Revlon's Super Lustrous lipsticks, I have four shades - two being a pearl finish, and two being matte. 

I personally really like the Revlon lipstick packaging, as I think the black tubes are simple but the flat tops with clear lids make them really easy to store. They cost £7.49 each, but at the moment I'm taking advantage of the 2 for £10 deal that seems to be on at both Boots and Superdrug - sadly Iced Amethyst is a US shade, so if you're interested in it you'll have to order online.

The four shades I have are Smoked Peach (matte), Pink Pout (matte), Softsilver Rose (pearl), and Iced Amethyst (pearl).

First up, arm swatches!

Now, the lip swatches

Smoked Peach - a soft orange peach

Pink Pout - a very blue-toned pale pink

Softsilver Rose - a cool-toned rose with shimmer

Iced Amethyst - a cool violet with shimmer

The products themselves are smooth, creamy, and easy to apply straight out of the tube; I find them very comfortable to wear although the matte shades can be slightly drying, but not overly so. My favourite shade is Iced Amethyst as I love how it layers, although I also love Smoked Peach as I think it just looks so lovely.

I've found them to last several hours, also I prefer to wear them with Lipcote or a similar product as I like my lipstick to last all day.

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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Rimmel Apocalips Review, Swatches, Pictures

Hey everyone! So, today I will be reviewing the four shades I have of the coveted Apocalips Lip Lacquers.
The Apocalips are presented in space themed tubes that are pretty and unique. The bottom of the tube is clear which allows you to see the exact shade of the product housed inside.
The product itself is a glossy liquid lipstick that is super pigmented in one swipe.
Apocalips last around 3 hours for me, with Luna fading the fastest. They wear pretty well and fade to a soft matte finish before wearing off completely.
The lip lacquers have a faint scent that reminds me of the Kate Moss lipstick line. However, the scent in this product isn't as strong.

Now, onto the swatches!

Bare lips for reference

Luna is a pretty orange based peach

Celestial is a medium neutral pink

Nova is a bright, blue toned pink

Stellar is an orange based pink/red

I can't pick a favourite shade as I just love them all. Apocalips are gorgeous, long lasting and pigmented liquid lipsticks. I really love them! Now, if they just added a deep purple...

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Benefit They're Real Review

Hey there! Today I'll be taking a look at Benefit's "They're Real!" mascara in black, and letting you know what I think of it. It costs £19.50, and you can get it in larger Boots stores as well as department stores - I got mine in House of Fraser.

I really love the packaging for this mascara, I think the chrome bottle looks pretty - I am a sucker for Benefit packaging though! The bottle's about 12cm long so easily fits in your makeup bag. 
I actually found the wand to be pretty interesting looking, and I really like the fact that the end has bristles on it too as I like to use the end of the wand to wing out my mascara at the outer corner and this makes it much easier. I did find, however, that there would be quite a lot of mascara gathered at the end of the wand but it wasn't too hard to wipe off on the inside of the neck of the bottle.

Before picture! My eyelashes are relatively long and thick, but are very light and tend to clump together easily, much to my dismay.

After picture! The mascara coated my lashes well in a single coat, and made them appear longer as well as thicker.  I LOVE this mascara for dramatic looks but find it to be a bit too much for everyday sometimes.
Some problems I encountered: They're Real clumped when I tried to apply a second coat, which isn't too much of a problem as one coat really is enough! I also found it very challenging to remove which puts me off it a little bit, but if you have short eyelashes or love the dramatic look and don't mind a little bit of annoyance at the end of the day then I would definitely recommend They're Real.

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Hey there! We're Amy and Lucy, and we're teen bloggers based in the UK. 

This is just an introduction post so you can get to know us a little bit.
For the record, we wrote each others descriptions as we thought it'd be a bit more honest.

This is Amy:

Amy has oily skin and likes reading. She spends her spare time staring at Cody Rhodes and listening to Matchbook Romance. Amy likes to sing, and loves the colour orange. She loves autumn because purple lipsticks are her favourite, and she studies History, English, and Philosophy. She hasn't seen her natural hair colour in four years. Amy also enjoys annoying Lucy. She is the bane of Lucy's existence.

This is Lucy:

Lucy has dry ass skin and is terrible with skincare. Her face is so soft, though. She stalks Seth Rollins on every available social network as she is obsessed. Lucy likes Revlon lip products and eye liner. Lucy studies stuff that involves numbers and essays. Don't mess with her or she'll give you 'the look'.

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