Friday, 27 September 2013

MUA/Fashionista Custom Palettes Assembly and Review

Hey there! Today I'll be taking a look at Make Up Academy and Fashionista's custom palettes, and talking you through how the assembly is as well as the shadow quality.
The colours come in single compacts so you can keep them as monos as well as popping them out and assembling them into a palette. I found the compacts really easy to disassemble and get out of the compacts themselves.
I LOVE how the pans in the palette have no bottom as the shadows have the shades printed on the bottom, it's so so easy to just flip your palette over and take a look at what the name of the shade is.
Assembled! I ordered two four-pan palettes, creating an Autumn colours palette as well as a neutral one. I think the palettes themselves look lovely once assembled, and simply couldn't resist getting a second after I started looking at the colours!
Autumn palette
Neutrals palette
Arm swatches! Autumn palette
And the neutrals palette
Admittedly I wasn't too impressed with the quality of the shadows themselves but they're very good for the price, and I simply adore being able to make custom palettes without having to splurge on MAC or another high end brand. I would seriously recommend checking out the Fashionista range and taking a look at these custom palettes. 
Thanks for reading!

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